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Yixin, the Strongest Gomoku/Renju Engine in the World

Although gomoku was solved in 1992 and free renju was solved in 2001, gomoku and renju with modern opening rules such as swap2 (gomoku) and Yamaguchi (renju) used in professional competitions was much more balanced and hard to solve. However, compared with computer chess, the development of computer gomoku/renju is slow. The strength of top gomoku/renju programs still cannot outperform the best human player. The weakness of current gomoku/renju programs was analyzed by Kai Sun and several solutions to the weakness were given. With the solutions, the top gomoku/renju program Yixin was designed, which became the winner of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th Gomocup, significantly outperforming the runner-up with a gap of about 400 Elo.

Yixin is a the strongest gomoku/renju engine in the world. Compared with famous gomoku/renju program Blackstone, Goro and Renjusolver, Yixin can give more comprehensive analysis and more competitive moves. Now Yixin has thousands of users from all over the world.

Formal Matches between Yixin and Human Players


  • 1 game with Makarov Pavel

    • The final result of Yixin is 1 win
    • Rule: Swap-2
    • Time Control: 10 min/game + 30 sec/move
    • See details
  • 3 games with Nikonov Konstantin

    • The final result of Yixin is 3 win
    • Rule: Swap-2
    • Time Control: 90 min/game + 30 sec/move
    • See details


  • 8 games with Epifanov Dmitry

    • The final result of Yixin is 2 win, 2 draw, and 4 loss
    • Rule: Soosorv-8
    • Time Control: 120 min/game + 30 sec/move
    • See details
  • 2 games with Alexander Bogatirev

    • The final result of Yixin is 1 win and 1 loss
    • Rule: Swap-2
    • Time Control: 60 sec/game + 45 sec/move
    • See details (in Chinese)

Note: the engines designed for AI-vs-Human matches are not published. If you are top gomoku and/or renju player, and interested in having a formal match against the unpublished Yixin, please contact The published versions, including the demos in Gomocup, do not represent the full strength of Yixin.

About Gomocup

Gomocup is a worldwide tournament of artificial intelligences (AI) playing Gomoku and Renju. The tournament is being played since 2000 and takes place every year. As of 2016, it is the most famous and largest Gomoku AI tournament in the world, with around 40 authors from about 10 countries.

More about Gomocup:


  • Apr 2017: Yixin2017 (Kernal 0.6.61 Demo) won Gomocup2017.
  • Apr 2016: Yixin2016 (Kernal 0.6.9 Demo) won Gomocup2016.
  • May 2015: Yixin2015 (Kernal 0.4.35) won Gomocup2015.
  • Apr 2014: Yixin2014 (Kernal 0.4.3) won Gomocup2014.
  • Apr 2013: Yixin2013 (Kernal 0.2.17) won Gomocup2013.
  • Apr 2012: Yixin2012 (Kernal 0.2.14) won Gomocup2012.


All downloads below are FREE for NON-commercial use. The author (Kai Sun) reserves the right to accuse those who use Yixin's engine(s) for commercial use without written permission of the author. All rights not expressly granted here are reserved by the author, and the author reserves the right of final explanation.

GUI + Engine


  • Yixin2017 (Engine 0.6.61 Demo, the version for Gomocup 2017)
  • Yixin2016 (Engine 0.6.9 Demo, the version for Gomocup 2016)
  • Yixin2015 (Engine 0.4.35, the version for Gomocup 2015)
  • Yixin2014 (Engine 0.4.3, the version for Gomocup 2014)
  • Yixin2013 (Engine 0.2.17, the version for Gomocup 2013)
  • Yixin2012 (Engine 0.2.14, the version for Gomocup 2012)
  • Yixin2011 (Engine 0.2.7, the version for Gomocup 2011)

About Yixin-Board

Yixin Board is a specially designed GUI for Yixin, written by GTK+. It is open source under Simplified BSD License.

More about Yixin-Board: Yixin-Board on Github



Thanks to all who helped development of Yixin:

  Tianyi Hao
  Hao Wu
  Tuyen Do
  Alexander Bogatirev
  Epifanov Dmitry
  Ola Strom