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In Gomoku World Championship (GWC) 2017, Yixin had a 2-game match with Rudolf Dupszki, the champion of GWC 2015. This match was organized by one of the GWC organizers -- Vladimir Nipoti, with the help of Alexander Bogatirev.

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Fig.1 Rudolf Dupszki is thinking.

Match Settings

  • Number of Round: 2
  • Rule: Swap-2
  • Computer: Amazon EC2 m4.16xlarge
  • Time Control: 120 min/game + 30 sec/move
    • Human player's time is counted by a table clock; Yixin's time is counted by itself

During the match, Vladimir Nipoti helped copy Yixin's moves to the board, and Rudolf Dupszki's moves to the computer.

Game Records and Analysis

Round 1:

  • Black: Rudolf Dupszki
  • White: Yixin
  • Swap: Two more stones, +
  • Result: White wins

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The 15th move is a turning point of the game. From Yixin's perspective, neither side had a big advantage before the 15th, and i11 might be a better 15th. The 17th was proved to be sure loss during the game. The evaluation is shown in the below figure.

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Round 2:

  • Black: Yixin
  • White: Rudolf Dupszki
  • Swap: Two more stones, +
  • Result: Black wins

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The 4th and 5th given by Rudolf Dupszki are pretty balanced, and neither side broke the balance before the 12th move. From Yixin's perspective, g10 should be a better choice for the 12th. The big advantage gained from the 12th was kept by Yixin, and the 20th was proved to be a sure loss during the game. The evaluation is shown in the below figure.

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Other Information

Report by Vladimir Nipoti

Discussion on VK


Yixin always puts the opening e10g8g5 when it is the tentative Black. It was picked out from a pool of balanced openings automatically generated by Yixin.


The average minimum depth of Yixin in the match is about 17.