Although my old AI supports standard game, I know there exists some bugs while using that rule.And at the same time I got the new gmotor, I tested gmotor2011 yesterday and found that it performed better than Yixin with standard rule, so I tried to fix these bugs. The work was boring but didn't take a long time. It seems OK, but when I decided to test a game between Yixin and gmotor with Piskvork, Yixin still didn't perform well. I checked Yixin again and again, but no bug was found. So I started to suspect the Piskvork. The latter tests proved I was right. Piskvork8.4 has a bug: When you choose to start a TOURNAMENT with standard-game rule, the Piskvork will not send message"info_exact5=1" to AI. You may ask me why gmotor still obey that rule. After testing it I conclude that gmotor only knows the standard rule, that means it doesn't consider more than 5 stones as win even if you set the freestyle rule.

You can easily find the bug using this opening: 0,0, -5,-5, 0,1, 5,5, 0,-1, -5,-6, 0,3, 5,6, 0,4

Or you can find the bug by writing such an AI function:

void brain_turn() 
  int x,y,i;
  pipeOut("MESSAGE %d", info_exact5);
    if(terminate) return;
  if(i>1) pipeOut("DEBUG %d coordinates didn't hit an empty field",i);