Improvement of Yixin

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  1. I spent some time trying optimizing Yixin's search and evaluation. The result is good.

  2. I received two bug reports and both of them are about Yixin's rule and they all influence Yixin's strength. These bugs have been fixed now.


The test result of Yixin 0.2 …


A simple "Rock Scissors Paper" AI

The idea comes from the following page:

Just for fun.

#define MAXSEQ 4
int rec[1<<(MAXSEQ<<1)][3];
int que[MAXSEQ];
int base[1<<3];
char info[3][5] =
        "WIN …

Bug & Bug

Although my old AI supports standard game, I know there exists some bugs while using that rule.And at the same time I got the new gmotor, I tested gmotor2011 yesterday and found that it performed better than Yixin with standard rule, so I tried to fix these bugs. The …